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Which region has missed the most charters

27.05.2019 08:22 | views: 607

At the start of the summer season, tour operators again cancel charter chains. And not only from the capital. And although in travel agencies they note that this year the situation is generally more stable than a year ago, some regions have missed the flights for which sales have already been made and reservations have been made. Tatyana Voytyuk, director of the Krivoy Rog travel agency "TV-Tour", said that the cancellation of the Travel Professional Group charter program in Dalaman was a big disappointment for everyone. According to her, the tourists were flown to Kiev, where it’s not very convenient to get from Krivoy Rog due to the poor condition of the roads, and the train schedule leaves much to be desired. Also from the region will not operate charter flights to Sharm el-Sheikh, who planned to raise Join UP! Tourists are offered flights from Zaporozhye, where the transfer will be organized.

According to reviews of Odessa travel agents, difficulties with loading Dalaman were observed here. Therefore, tourists will be offered a transfer to Kherson. “As for the rest, it seems to me, tour operators this season have calculated their strength quite carefully and so far there are no other adjustments,” notes Anna Shlyakhova, director of Anna Tour. There are no special changes in Kharkov, except for a slight shift of individual dates of departure for Antalya. Perhaps these are the consequences of point-optimized charter chains.

As for Kiev, there are no mass reductions here, although in the integrity of the charter program, too, did not remain. There is a decrease in flight programs in Hurghada, which traditionally enjoys less demand compared to Sharm el-Sheikh. In Kiev travel agencies, they also remembered the reduction of one frequency to Enfida, as a result of which the dates of the already booked tours were somewhat shifted. This leads to the need to re-confirm hotel availability.

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