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Where to spend a vacation Ukrainians

25.06.2015 18:17 | views: 1233

More than half of "white-collar" are planning to vacation this summer. As before, the preference is given to the coast in Ukraine. The popularity of foreign holiday noticeably decreased. This further - to a new poll of the International HR portal HeadHunter Ukraine.

Despite the protracted crisis, the mood Ukrainians regarding leave have changed somewhat. In a situation of "stable bad" office staff began bolder plans for the summer. If last year's summer vacation planned record-low number of "white collar" - 41%, but now their number has considerably increased and is 56%. Against this backdrop, it decreased the number of those who are undecided.

In 2014, in their vacation plans almost a third of those surveyed doubted. Now uncertainty is one in five. Almost a quarter of office workers do not plan a summer vacation. His decision to explain the lack of financial resources and the need to work hard.

Among those planning to go on vacation, every fifth still prefer the coast in Ukraine. But foreign countries this year are less popular. A year ago, outside Ukraine rested every fourth, now intends to go abroad only one in six respondents. Primarily, this is due to the deteriorating financial position of the Ukrainians. For the same reason, almost one in ten office workers spend the summer in the country or in the village. And the same amount will go to the Carpathians.

The negative trend has continued in the Crimea. Even last year, the peninsula was torn holiday season. Then we go to 7% of tourists compared with 24% in 2013. Now on the Crimean coast is planning to go even lower - only three out of a hundred respondents.

The most popular country for a holiday abroad - Turkey, Bulgaria and Montenegro. Fourth place is shared by Spain and Egypt. And closes the top five in Italy. The sixth most popular - Greece. Less attractive to tourists this year was Georgia. With first place in 2014, it moved to seventh in 2015.

Data were obtained through a survey conducted by the Research Centre of the International HR portal in June 2015. The survey involved 3647 respondents.

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