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Where to do flight connections to see more

28.11.2018 17:36 | views: 566

Experts studied 38 cities in the world, which are most often used by travelers as a staging post. Of these, 10 were selected as the most suitable, where instead of long hours of waiting it is better to go on a little trip. The study was conducted by the Internet company Netflights.

Cities were evaluated according to the following criteria: distance from the airport, transfer cost, type of public transport, travel time to the city center, the number of available destinations and others.

The ideal option for a mini-trip during the flight connections is Amsterdam. The Dutch capital is famous for its channels, and, of course, nightlife. It is also the perfect place for a “vacation break”. The local Schiphol Airport is a 15-minute drive from the city. Even if you have only a few hours, you can perfectly spend them in Amsterdam.

Singapore is another great place to go from the airport. The city has much cheaper food, and there are also good offers for connoisseurs of restaurants with Michelin stars. The metro will take tourists to the city center in just 30-40 minutes. A popular offer for tourists recently became short tours Crazy Rich Asians, during which you can get acquainted with the main attractions. Singapore Airlines also offers special programs during long transit stops.

Get out of the airport and offer all the transit countries in Lisbon. The national carrier, TAP Portugal, also offers advantageous hotel accommodation for up to three days at the time of connections. Free accommodation before the next flight is offered by the airline Thai Airways in Bangkok. And this is a great chance to get acquainted with the bustling Thai capital, its numerous markets, alleys and historical buildings. The top 10 cities for rich connections include Beijing, Dubai, Tokyo, Shanghai, Frankfurt and Vancouver.

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