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Walking through London

19.05.2018 18:52 | views: 761

The City Hall of London intends to introduce "pedestrian" days, which will be prohibited from traveling around the city on cars. Already this year such events will be held in each district, and in the next, as the city authorities plan, will already cover the whole city.

In days forbidden for cars, besides walking, it will be possible to ride horseback riding, as well as bicycles, roller skates, scooters, gyroscope and other compact electric devices. Public transport will operate in limited mode.

In Paris, similar measures taken in Paris last year, reduced toxic emissions by 40%.

According to official data, the content of toxic particulates in the London air exceeds the maximum permissible standards three times, which negatively affects the health of citizens.

The campaign to introduce days without cars has already collected 10 million signatures of Londoners. However, the opponents of the initiative express their opinion that such innovations will not change the cardinal situation, since most of the townspeople will simply go around the "pedestrian" areas by side or leave cars at the entrance to the restricted area, which will overload the transport system. In parallel, the city is building a transport tunnel under the Thames for 1 billion pounds.

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