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Turkey will open new underground cities for tourists

11.07.2018 13:41 | views: 590

In Turkey, you will soon be able to visit the ancient underground settlements that were previously inaccessible.

For tourists will open 12 of the 15 underground cities of the Roman era, located in the Turkish province of Kyrshehir, reports Anadolu.

Ancient cave settlements in the central part of modern Turkey were used by Christians for protection, residence and religious services. They have wells, churches, underground schools, wine cellars. The premises in the dungeon are connected by tunnels.

A representative of the department of culture and tourism of Kyrshehira Eyup Temur said that now people are allowed to enter three local underground cities - Mujur, Kepez and Dulkadirli.

"For example, the city of Mujur consists of two tiers of 16 rooms each, the underground city of Kepez is more spacious in area, but consists of one tier, Dulkadirli are three tiers of the monastery, in the middle of which there is an area," Temur said.

In the remaining settlements, security studies are continuing.

Source: Ukrinform

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