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Turkey wants to reduce food waste in hotels

01.05.2019 14:40 | views: 681

Turkey launches the Orange Flag project to reduce food waste, part of which will be guests of the resorts, Yeni Alanya newspaper reported. Tourists staying in hotels with an "all inclusive" will be asked to take food as much as they can eat. While the project is only educational work, guests are informed about the need for rational choice.

The project will be launched in 250 hotels in Turkey, as part of the campaign, activists intend to reduce food waste in tourist regions by 70% within 5 years.

The environmental initiative is voluntary and does not imply penalties for non-compliance with waste reduction measures. The accommodation facilities that have joined the project will think over and analyze the consumption of products so that they do not have to throw away too much, train the staff, actively convey information about the initiative to visitors, including through animators. In the hotels, which are included in the project “Orange Flag”, informational signs will be also posted explaining the importance of rational choice of products at the buffet.

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