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Tunisia can compete

13.06.2018 14:09 | views: 690

According to Tunisian official statistics, as of May 20, the number of foreign tourists arriving in the country since the beginning of the year in the country exceeded the mark of 2.3 million. This is not only more by 21.8% than on the same date last year, but also by 5.7% ahead of the 2010 successful year.

Revenue tourism sector, according to the Minister of Tourism of Tunisia Mrs. Ellumi Rekik, for this period the period increased by 31.8% in annual terms, reaching a figure of 305 million euros. According to her, the restoration and growth of the tourist flow was mainly the result of an increase in the number of bookings from "traditional" markets (France and Germany), but other countries also showed impressive growth. Very high dynamics is observed among the Chinese - the growth of the tourist flow from this country was 57%.

The Minister of Tourism of Tunisia, Mrs. Rekik also reported in an interview with international media that as of mid-May, the hotels of Djerba, Hammamet and Mahdia for the summer show almost a 100% load. Ukrainian tour operators also expect growth in the direction: in their opinion, Tunisia has blended into the existing structure of summer mass demand for beach tours and due to a number of factors it has found its own niche here, ceasing to be a "substitute for Egypt", which direction was partly in 2015-16 years. In summer, the air temperature on the coast reaches 40 ° C, but due to low humidity and coastal coolness, the heat in Tunisia is very easily tolerated.

Tunisia is a more budgetary destination than alternative beach destinations (Cyprus and Turkey). The destination has a diverse hotel base, including a large number of 3-4 * hotels, which for many fit the budget. It is also important that discounts for offers on Tunisia are always present and are constantly updated. The average cost of the tour for two adults and one child is about $ 1500 for 11-12 nights with an all-inclusive meal.

This summer, tour operators expect at least the same sales flow, stressing that even in conditions of actively growing Turkey this year Tunisia has chances for growth in the whole year: the results of the winter season and the course of early summer booking so far give all the hopes for this .

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