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Tours to Croatia become cheaper

01.04.2019 16:09 | views: 642

Tour packages to Croatia are already falling in price: on separate dates, the cost of a seven-night holiday comes to 24-25 thousand hryvnia for two. Such options, for example, can be found on Pula with departures in mid-July. According to expert reviews, if this goes on like this, then Croatia may well be equal in value to neighboring Montenegro. Now, we recall, the minimum cost of a tour to Montenegro with a departure in July starts from 17 thousand hryvnia for two for seven nights.

Director Adria Hit Vladimir Shvets situation is not surprising, because it was predictable. “In Croatia, the volume of transportation has significantly increased: if earlier there were two weekly flights of Roza Vetrov, then this season two SkyUp frequencies were added to them,” he recalled. In his opinion, the oversupply of transportation already affects the prices, and further the situation can only get worse.

However, in other companies, it is noted that the high summer season has not yet begun to draw conclusions prematurely. Because the relatively low prices in Croatia may well be due to discounts for early booking. Although to completely exclude the aggravation of competition between tour operators, which is expressed in lower prices, is also impossible.

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