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Tours for the New Year are sold worse than a year ago

03.12.2018 16:07 | views: 407

A month before the high dates, most travel agencies state that tours for this period sell worse than last year. This is evidenced by the results of online voting in the tourist agency Tursvet group, where the decline in sales was confirmed by more than 100 of the approximately 150 travel agents that took part in the survey. A day earlier, a reduction in reservations in the range of 40-50% compared with the previous week was stated in a number of agency networks.

The main reason interlocutors called the introduction of martial law in a number of areas, which led not only to a reduction in sales, but also to an increase in the number of abandoned tours. But a blessing in disguise: judging by the results of the survey, most agencies confirm a slight increase in the average check of the trip. This may be due not only to changes in currency quotations, but also with the advent of more proposals for expensive winter exotic, due to the launch of long-term charter programs in exotic destinations.

As for the list of the most popular destinations for high winter dates, there have been no changes in the first lines of this “hit parade”: Egypt is in the first place, the Emirates are also popular. According to the observations of the founder of IT-Tour Yuri Avdeev, this year the number of sales in the Dominican Republic and Thailand has noticeably increased - another natural result of the growth of tour operator appetites in these areas. “According to our sales, I see that bus tours to Europe and ski tours to Andorra, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Poland, and to a lesser extent to Austria, are in great demand,” adds Alexander Antihovich, Director of Tours & Tickets.

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