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Tourists will be able to change flights

09.04.2015 13:46 | views: 977

Users SERVICE purchase avyabyletov Now smohut independently Tickets metabolism in online mode, reported in the press service of the company.

Pomena can be not only the date, TIME and direction of flight, but a perevozchyka in one avyatsyonnoho Alliance. Example K, Tickets "Aeroflot" can exchange for any Tickets Another company, in the Incoming alliance SkyTeam.

"If this system does not pozvolyt Users metabolism avyabylet independently for reasons otmenы Or Flight Delay, Or illness and death in the Passenger otkaze in Vize, so otnosjatsja Like These Reasons for strahovыm cases. In situations эtyh neobhodimo fill in an application for metabolism and obratytsya customer service support" - reported in the press service

They noted that the Introduction abilities metabolism avyabyletov sostoyalos under the agreement on cooperation between Anywayanyday with dystrybutyvnoy systemoy Amadeus, kotorыy bыl Signed in September last year.

"Previously for metabolism avyabyleta -Travel Users Online Tools That was the need it fill in an order online and obratytsya customer service support. NOW client Anywayanyday himself vыbyraet Convenient Option emu - metabolism independently avyabylet Online Or take advantage pomoshchju sotrudnykov service", - the company.

Metabolism ticket can be personally on site kabynete company. To do this, need it oformlennыy Select booking, passengers, kotorыm Requires online metabolism, and cause Decree exchange.

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