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Tourists often find themselves in trouble

11.08.2018 18:15 | views: 623

And all because of elementary negligence or ignorance of local customs and rules. It is to the human factor, because of which they often fall into dangerous, unpleasant or simply curious situations, and our present issue is dedicated

Visitors to the caves should remember that some of them, like other tourist sites, close at night. This is indicated by a warning signal. Cave Padirak, located in the department of Lo in the south-west of France, refers to just such. But the three Spanish tourists, who stayed in it until the closure, did not hear the warning and as a result were forced to spend the night there. They could not get out on their own, because the only entrance to it was a wide and practically steep dip of 35 m deep. The audioguide was supposedly led by tourists: they simply did not hear the warning about the object's closing soon. The administration of Gouffre de Padirac has already issued a statement in which it claims that it does not see any blame for itself, the causes of the incident are unclear, but an internal investigation will be carried out to clarify all the details. The publication also reports that in the end everything ended well: during the stay in the cave, tourists felt "more fear than evil", and "an unusual cave night" left "unforgettable memories" about itself. The Spaniards themselves humor media, it seems, do not share and intend to file a complaint against the administration of the tourist site.

But tourists who take sand as gifts from the unique beaches of Sardinia, can only blame themselves: the authorities of the island have long introduced a ban on this kind of action, as warned by special plates. Penalty for the removal of sand can be up to 3 000 €, but the theft is still continuing, so the work of patrols regularly circulating the beaches of Sardinia, enough. As reported by, the latest to date, a victim was a 40-year-old Neapolitan who tried to make sand in the bottle from Gallura beach in the north of the island. He had to pay a fine of 1 000 €. The record was the last summer, when more than a ton of sand was found in the baggage of tourists at Cagliari Airport.

But you can get on a good amount not only for such acts, but also for banal excess speed. Especially if you do it on one of the liveliest trails in Dubai - Sheikh Zayed Road. According to The National, the British tourist, who was driving a Lamborghini for hire, really took a breeze - the police found that during the trip, it was 33 times faster than the speed. As a result, the grief-driver had to pay fines in total for 47 600 $. Approximately half of this amount had to be given to the firm that rented the car - for the return of the car after confiscation.

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