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Tourist season in Nikolayevshchina

09.04.2019 17:49 | views: 699

In Nikolayevshchina the tourist season will be opened with three large-scale events and will rely on the development of youth tourism.

This was told by the deputy head of the department for youth and tourism of the Youth and Sports Department of the Nikolaev Regional State Administration Ruslan Volchetsky in an interview with Zruchno.Travel.

"Before the opening of the summer tourist season, we plan to hold three events. The first will be held on May 17-19 - the Tryhutty International Kite Festival, which is known throughout Ukraine. Last year more than ten thousand guests visited it, and now the organizers expect more than 30 thousand Mykolaiv River Fest will take place in Nikolaev from April 25 to May 6, and in parallel with it the MiKoleso bicycle festival. River Fest is a festival on water with boats and yachts. MiKoleso is organized by the regional state administration together with the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership. this measure acceptance will be attended by thousands of cyclists, and in the evening everyone will be a busy concert program ", - said Volchetskaya.

According to him, Nikolayevshchina this year stakes on the development of youth tourism. Now, together with public organizations in Nikolaev and the region, projects are being discussed to create youth centers - places where young people can relax, find a new direction for themselves, and discuss an interesting idea.

"In Nikolaev, the Ponton Youth Center has already been created, where teens watch films in the summer, festivals and various competitions are held. We also create a Youth Council, which will include representatives of youth organizations, consultative and advisory structures in local government on youth work. This is a promising direction, the youth itself helps to develop. Of course, we see the development of youth tourism through the prism of active recreation. So, we will have the 16th “Rest actively” festival and the 45th Uk Championship ainy climbing "- added Volchetskaya.

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