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Tourist business does not agree with the statistics of the Ministry of Economy

15.11.2018 11:31 | views: 532

The focus of the tourist industry was the statistics of the ministry over the past year. From which, in particular, it follows that in 2017, Ukrainians visited the UAE more often than a number of European destinations (Bulgaria, Montenegro, Cyprus, Spain, etc.) The TOP-10 tour operators, who served the largest number of tourists, also caused confusion. For example, there are not some travel companies in the list that are among the leaders in their segments. Also striking is the fact that the data are prepared on the basis of reports of only 21% of travel agencies. This was written by The publication of a link to the report of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade is inactive, but on the website of the Ministry, these and other data are available in the Analytics and Statistics section.

Oleg Kulik, general director of the Let's Go With Us agency network, explains: judging by last year's indicators of his network, the Emirates were also more popular than individual European countries. And even a few positions ahead of such a massive area as Bulgaria. "Sales in this country at tour operators really subside: more and more tourists are organizing holidays in Bulgaria on their own due to geographic proximity and the absence of difficulties at the entrance," the source said.

But Oleg Kulik does not quite agree with the TOP-10 main players of outbound tourism (according to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the top ten include Join UP !, Anex Tour, TPG, TEZ Tour, Coral Travel, TUI Ukraine, Pegas Touristik, Tungo Travel ", GTO Travel Company and UNIVERSAL AGENCY FOR SALE AVIAPEREVEZEN)." It is strange why Accord-Tour did not make the list, organizing a lot of tours to Europe. Or Oasis, which last year almost single-handedly scored a ball "in Tunisia". Not to mention “Mouzenidis Travel,” Oleg Kulik wonders.

But you can find the answer to these questions. According to Victor Marchenko, general director of the Kiev office of Mouzenidis Travel, the company has several branches in different cities, all of which are designed as separate legal entities, each of which provides its own statistics. “And in the ministry, apparently, these data were not brought together,” he suggests. Most likely, the same situation with Accord-Tour, which also has regional offices. In the case of Oasis, everything is easier : from the information in the licensed register of subjects of tour operator activities, it follows that the company did not provide a statistical report for 2017. By the way, there are a lot of such companies there.

Therefore, criticism of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and published statistics is also enough. Experts are embarrassed that it takes into account the data of only 1/5 of all tour operators (and, as it turns out, without indicators of several major players that could affect the final figures). “What once again speaks about the absence in Ukraine of a structure that could professionally deal with core issues and at least the simplest analytics. To publish such data is essentially to subscribe to the fact that you are not in control of the situation,” said the head of the company Aeroport Tourist Service Center "Andrei Troyan.

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