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The French have created a unique remedy for seasickness

25.07.2018 10:50 | views: 615

French scientists have invented glasses that help people get rid of seasickness while traveling. This writes Daily Star.

The feeling of nausea and "motion sickness" will spoil any journey. More than 30 million people in Europe suffer from a chronic illness of travelers, and one in three at a certain time experiences characteristic symptoms. To help these people, the engineers of the famous automaker Citroen invented an innovative tool. The new SEETROËN glasses contain a colored liquid that recreates the horizon line at the periphery of the field of view. The overall picture is not violated. Thus, the eye gets access to the real movement, because of what the sensory conflict instantly disappears, and an extremely unpleasant sensation of movement passes in a few minutes.

Originally glasses were developed for sailors. However, Citroën later decided to release an analog for the general public. According to scientists, the invention should help 95% of those suffering from motion sickness. On the design worked one of the studios of Paris. She managed to develop a simple and ergonomic style of glasses.

The instructions to the glasses say that a person should wear SEETROËN as soon as he feels the first symptoms of seasickness. After 10-12 minutes glasses should ease the state of the traveler, after which they can be removed again. A useful accessory is suitable for adults and children over the age of ten.

At the moment, the most popular means of motion sickness are considered antihistamines. There are also special cures for motion sickness. However, in the people more natural means are more popular. So, believes that nausea and dizziness removes the smell of lemon, mint or ginger oil. Also, those who suffer from seasickness, it is recommended in the car to occupy the front seats, on the plane - seats near the wing, and on the ship - in the central part. During the trip, it is better to refuse reading or watching movies, to look more at the window to the horizon line. And when approaching - to provide access to fresh air.


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