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The EU has updated the rules for issuing visas

21.02.2019 15:02 | views: 533

The European Union has updated the rules for issuing entry visas for citizens of third countries and increased the cost of their registration.

The relevant changes to the EU visa code, which were previously agreed between the European Parliament and the Romanian Presidency of the European Council, were approved on Wednesday, February 20, by the ambassadors of European countries, according to the website of the European Council. "The European Union is updating its own visa rules in order to improve conditions for legitimate travel and increase the number of available tools to respond to the challenges associated with illegal migration," the report said.

The new rules, in particular, stipulate that applications for a visa can be submitted 6 months in advance, but no later than 15 days before the intended travel. In this case, applicants are given the opportunity to complete submissions in electronic form. For third-country nationals who regularly travel to the EU and have a positive visa history, multiple-entry visas can be issued for a period of one to five years.

At the same time, the size of the visa fee will increase from 60 to 80 euros. "In order to provide member countries with the opportunity to better cover the costs of obtaining a visa without interfering with visa recipients, the visa fee will be increased to 80 euros," the document says.

Children under 16 will be deprived of the need to pay visa fees.

The rules mentioned above relate to the issuance of so-called short-term visas, which allow third-country nationals to stay in the EU for no more than 90 days during a period of 180 days.

The mentioned rules do not apply to Ukraine, since it has a visa-free regime for trips to EU countries and the Schengen zone. The relevant infographics can be found on the website of the European Council.

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