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The difference between the NBU rate and the quotes of tour operators

08.12.2018 12:03 | views: 510

In travel agencies noticed that most tour operators have changed the formula for calculating their domestic commercial course. Now to the NBU rate is added 1 hryvnia 20 kopecks (and not one hryvnia, as before). In travel agencies themselves, this is called a compulsory measure. "In connection with exchange rate fluctuations, our risks are also growing, which must be taken into account and reinsured," they noted on condition of anonymity in one of the travel agencies.

But travel agents such explanations are not too calm. Indeed, along with the increased gap between the official rate of the National Bank and the commercial rate of tour operators, there is a tendency for the hryvnia to fall. And it is especially noticeable on expensive tours. According to the director of Ligtour, Oksana Rusanova, the new formula will be reflected in the cost of tour packages in those areas where prices are tied to the euro. That is, in the near future - on the ski areas, as well as on European sightseeing tours and in Turkey.

But according to representatives of travel agencies, this will not lead to global sales drops. Igor Nekrasov, the head of the offices of the Last-minute Stores Chains stores in Kremenchug and Horishnii Mills, said that his travel agencies had already voiced prices to tourists in hryvnias, so the issue of currency rates disappears. "The only exception is the payment of parts for early booking, when you really need to take into account the internal course of the tour operator," - he explains. Maria Stepanenko, director of Sun Dali travel agency, is not inclined to dramatize the situation, recalling that tourists are already accustomed to exchange rate fluctuations and higher prices of tour operators, and usually refer to such things with understanding. And in the opinion of Turan Travel’s leading manager Lyubov Tishakova, you shouldn’t be exactly afraid of the outflow of tourists: those who are determined to go on holiday will not change their mind. "In the worst case, they will ask to choose a more budget accommodation or make a more discount," she predicts.

The course policy of tour operators, we recall, more than once became the object of criticism from agents. Two years ago, representatives of retail even wrote an open letter to suppliers of tourism products, in which they called to form their exchange rate policy in accordance with market realities.

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