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Swiss village invented rescue flow of tourists

16.10.2018 19:04 | views: 537

From a mountainous ghost village in Switzerland, they intend to make a real hotel. This writes the portal Petergreenberg.

The village of Korippo in Switzerland, until recently, was slowly but surely turning into a ghost. Some 300 people lived in this thriving place some 20 kilometers from the border with Italy. However, by 2017 there were only 13 permanent residents left, the average age of which exceeded 75 years. The local foundation Fondazione Corippo 1975 immediately decided to save the disappearing village, turning its charming houses into the so-called albergo diffuso (scattered hotel). Such hotels began to appear in the early 1980s in Italy at the site of historic villages. Hotels are not in the same block, their guests live in buildings and houses, standing apart from each other.

According to the plan of transformation, Korippo, with its beautiful stone houses, numerous narrow streets and magnificent mountain landscapes, will gradually be transformed into a large hotel complex. About 30 out of 70 rural buildings should be converted into cottages and villas. The hotel is scheduled to open by Easter 2020. Right now, tourists are offered to stay in a two-story house Casa Arcotti, which opened in July 2018. The apartment boasts not only a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room, but also some interesting features, such as wooden beamed ceilings and terracotta floors. Accommodation in the house will cost 111 euros per night.

As the president of the Fondazione Corippo 1975 foundation Fabio Dzhakomazzi noted, each house will receive the name of the family to which it once belonged. In addition, a local mill will be repaired, and rye fields are planted in the area. Thus, hotel guests will be able to taste their own bread. Also in Karipo they plan to organize transfers to the nearest bus stop, excursions in the surrounding landscape, visiting museums and cooking classes.

After the final implementation of the plan, tourists will have the opportunity to live in an authentic rural valley, which has not changed since the beginning of the XIX century.

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