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Spring Emirates

03.04.2019 14:08 | views: 726

Spring Emirates almost caught up in price with summer Turkey and Tunisia

Tour packages to the Emirates with departures at the end of March or early April can be found at very attractive prices for this destination - within 19-20 thousand hryvnia for two people for a week with staying at a hotel of 3-4 * level. Similar in cost options can be found in Turkey, though at the beginning of summer and in 5 * category hotels. Or in Tunisia, and also with accommodation in 3-4 category hotels *.

The travel companies say that such a price drop in the Emirates is not unusual now. According to the head of the UAE department of Kompas, Alexander Shchekin, this is a consequence of the low season, which begins in the spring in this direction. Hoteliers are throwing promotional offers on the market, and airlines are not far behind. In the case of the Emirates, the tendency is also manifested because the number of regular flights to Ukraine remains unchanged.

In addition, the upcoming presidential elections have a negative impact on demand. According to travel agency reviews, the influence of this factor is so strong that even the spring school holidays do not even out the situation.

Perhaps this is another reason for the emergence of special offers, not only in some mass areas, but also in some exotic countries.

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