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Sightseeing Europe is becoming more popular

14.06.2018 14:35 | views: 769

Immediately in several tour operator companies confirmed a significant increase in the range of their proposals for excursion and beach Europe. In the Travel Professional Group, for example, for the autumn-winter period, the volume was planned to increase in the Czech Republic, expanding blocks on regular UIA and Czech Airlines flights to Prague. In total, this is about 500 seats per month and twice as much as last year. Such information was shared by TPG deputy director Elena Boyko. She notes that the growth in demand for the Czech Republic is due not only to a visa-free regime that attracts new tourists, but also a large number of repeaters. Medical tourism is also a significant part of the tourist flow, as the prices of sanatoriums located in Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lazne are often quite comparable with the services of similar facilities in Truskavets or Mirgorod.

A large number of repeaters in the Czech Republic is also confirmed by Yana Ryanskaya, Marketing Director of Vedi Tour Group Ukraine. According to her observations, if we talk about medical tourism, the bulk still prefers domestic resorts foreign, including Czech. This is justified by the service and strong medical base. The interlocutor also confirmed that Vedi Tur Group Ukraine also has an increase in blocks on Czech Airlines flights from Kiev to Prague. But only the Czech Republic, the growing demand for Europe is not exhausted. The company drew attention to the growth of requests for Italy, Spain, Latvia and Poland, which was reflected in the planning of flight programs for the summer and autumn: the block of seats on regular Alitalia flights from Kiev to Rome was increased, a block was taken on Yanair flights in Alicante, There are also hard blocks of seats on flights to Riga and Krakow from Odessa. And the competition with other options for flights on these routes and the possibility of booking hotels on aggregator sites in the company are not afraid. "The tour operator often offers a more competitive price, which is difficult to find when planning independent holidays in Europe," recalls Yana Ryanskaya.

And in "Arteks'94" decided to focus on such non-mass areas as Germany and Switzerland. The reason for this is that it was these countries that basically reoriented the pool of regular customers of the tour operator. This was told by Anna Butkovskaya, head of the promotion department of Arteks'94. As a result, the volumes for these countries are increased four times, and plans are also to increase the flow of tourists in Italy.

Thus, it can be concluded that a year after the introduction of the visa-free regime, the organized tourist flow to Europe not only did not decrease, but even grew. According to the interlocutors, the matter is not only in the visa-free regime or in the fact that the tour operator can offer a more attractive price in comparison with airlines and hotels. Its role is also played by the fact that many tourists are fed up with mass destinations, and not all are ready to study new routes independently. Moreover, tour operators have ready-made programs for excursion buses or air crafts.

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