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Ryanair canceled flights

28.09.2018 18:43 | views: 607

Lowacoster Ryanair because of strikes the airline staff canceled about 250 flights in six countries.

This is reported by Skynews.

"Ryanair expects a minimum loss after the cancellation of about 250 flights," the report said.

It is noted that in Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal and Germany, the strike of flight attendants will last for 24 hours.

Today's events are a continuation of a series of strikes in which the company's employees in Ireland and Sweden also participated earlier.

It was reported that the airline faced criticism for refusing to pay compensation for canceled flights.

In addition, as a result of these strikes, Ryanair shares fell by more than 20%.

As Ukrinform reported, the employees of the company conducted the first strike on August 10. The subject of the labor dispute were the salaries and working conditions of the pilots of the cheapest airline in Europe. In August, the strike, which was jointly conducted by pilots in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Sweden, covered 55,000 passengers, while only a sixth of all scheduled flights were canceled.

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