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Resorts in Turkey

06.06.2018 21:35 | views: 701

The cost of package tours to resorts in Turkey with departures from Kiev for the next few days is sometimes around $ 400 for two or less. And even in the segment of 5 * hotels there are offers with a minimum profitability - just above $ 500 for two. Do such prices help to close places on flights? Judging by the indicators on the websites of tour operators, flights to Antalya, Dalaman and Izmir from the capital are sold well, slightly less popular with Bodrum. Approximately the same picture for prices is observed in the regions.

Easier with the cause of what is happening. Experts remind that a very large number of flights have been delivered to Turkey and the surplus of transportation affects. How much such a balance of supply and demand will persist is incomprehensible. The director of Pegas Touristik, Dmitry Karyakin, warns that the price will continue until the global correction of flight programs takes place on the market. In May, by the way, some optimizations of charter programs were carried out, but now it becomes obvious that this did not affect the situation on the market.

According to observers, the reduction in the number of flights will help to correct another problem - frequent flight transfers, which cause confusion in the plans of tourists and the mood of travel agents, who are forced to inform their customers about the changed schedule time (sometimes more than once). As in this case, the airlines serving charter flights will be free of additional boards.

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