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Reconstruction of the Battle of Annual

12.10.2014 11:57 | views: 1137

November 24-25 at the walls of the castle held Zbarazh reconstruction of the Battle of Annual (Bitwa pod Hodowem). In the autumn of 1694, during an attack on the village of Tatars Years in Zborov area, only a few hundred of the Ukrainian Cossacks and the Polish winged hussars were able to successfully withstand the 40-thousand Tatar army. In honor of this heroic victory of King Jan III Sobieski ordered set in the annual memorial, which has been preserved to the present day.

The reconstruction of the battle in Zbarazh gather up to 50 re-enactors from the Ukraine and Poland, which will act as the Ukrainian Cossacks and winged hussars. Planned assault on the castle, part mounted knights. School re-enactors will work.

Organizer of the reconstruction was made by the State reserve "Castles of Ternopil" together with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland and the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

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