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17.04.2018 23:29 | views: 846

The holy month of Ramadan for Muslims this year will begin with sunset on May 15 and will last until June 14. Travelers should be aware of the restrictions that are imposed for this period in Islamic countries.

In Ramadan, Muslims fast: in the daytime, they can not eat, drink and inhale tobacco smoke. After darkness, restrictions are removed, but excess is not recommended.

During Ramadan, business activity is noticeably declining in the countries of the Muslim world, the working day is shortening, religious sentiments are intensifying; everyday affairs are shifted to evening and night.

Travelers should be prepared for the fact that a number of rules of fasting will spread to them. Even in countries as popular with tourists as the United Arab Emirates, Turkey or Indonesia, guests should behave in a way that does not irritate local residents. In a number of countries it is better for tourists to refrain from visiting catering places before dark and not smoking outdoors during the day.

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