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Put the payment terminals make everyone

25.11.2018 15:30 | views: 633

Next year, all travel agencies may be obliged to install payment terminals. As follows from the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers "On approval of requirements to business entities regarding the acceptance of electronic means of payment as payment for goods sold by them (services provided)", this is planned to be done before July 1. The text of the document can be read on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

The government's initiative has seriously alarmed the travel agent environment. Judging by the discussion that has developed in profile groups, not everyone likes such plans - for example, due to the need to pay an additional commission to the bank (2-3% of each payment). And also in connection with the additional costs of the terminal itself and its maintenance. “In addition, the work on the reports will be added - after all, data on non-cash payments should also be provided to the tax office,” notes Oksana Zobova, in particular, the director of Vokrug Sveta. In her opinion, the desire of the government to provide tourists with access to non-cash payments is understandable and logical, but, as it were, with the implementation of this idea, it did not turn out to “break wood”.

But there is an opinion that the initiative is not so terrible. And it can even increase sales efficiency. “The bank’s commission is not so big a fee for attracting additional clients. After all, not everyone carries with them large sums of cash. Someone is easier to make an advance payment or even pay for the entire tour with a bank card,” says Anton Moshkov, director of the Penguin Kharkiv travel agency. He also noted that the financial costs associated with servicing the terminal are also not so great. Especially if you do not get involved in discounts. “We pay only 300 hryvnia per month for our terminal. And we installed it for free according to the terms of the contract with the bank,” concluded our interlocutor.

It is possible that in travel agencies will still look for workarounds. For example, add a bank fee to the cost of the tour to minimize costs. Or tell tourists that the terminal is not working today, so it is impossible to make a cashless payment. But both options are fraught with trouble. "Increasing the cost of the tour is a clear violation of the law on consumer protection. If a tourist notices and complains to the Consumer Goods Protection Service, it will be at least a reason for an unscheduled inspection and a fine," recalls the director of the consulting company Blakitna Hvil Nina Kozenko. Another danger, according to her, is that if the terminal is not used for a long time, the bank will be able to terminate the service contract. And then the agency will have to enter into a new contract.

But there are alternatives. Director of Lutsk travel agency "Barbados" Irina Calis notes that payment through the terminal is not the only way for a tourist who wants to conduct a bank transfer. “Why do I need additional costs in the form of a bank commission if a tourist can make a payment via Privat24? At the same time, the bank keeps only 50 hryvnias for each payment. For a tourist, both types of payment are non-cash, but for an agent they incur different costs,” says Irina Calis.

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