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Pigeons ecological trail

15.05.2019 12:08 | views: 647

The eco-educational trail "Doves" opened to the beginning of the new tourist season in the Yavoriv National Nature Park in the Lviv region.

“By the beginning of the tourist season-2019 in the Yavorovsky National Nature Park, the Doves ecological trail was opened. It runs along the route to the Krekhovsky Monastery, and numerous visitors and pilgrims will be able to learn more about the amazing nature of the Prostobansk hills and relax in the scenic area,” reads the message.

The ecotrail route passes through pine and beech forests, bypasses a complex of rocky limestone outcrops with small grottoes. Here, the relief characteristic of the Borrows is clearly traced - the hills, carved by deep ravines and wilds. A cozy resting place is equipped on a picturesque glade.

The pedestrian path No. 4901 Ecological and educational trail "Doves" is marked in accordance with GSTU 7450: 2013. The length of the path is 2.5 km.

The route of the route: the Krekhovsky Monastery of St. Nicholas of the Fathers Vasilian - the valley of the River Fiyna (recreation center "Istok") - a place where rare plant species grow - rock outcrops of limestone - the Doves natural boundary - the holy source - the rock Timosha Stone (cave monastery of the late 16th century)

In the tract Pigeons there are places for tents.

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