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One of the islands of Thailand has banned import plastic

02.11.2018 18:37 | views: 615

Tourists were forbidden to import plastic bags to one of the most beautiful Thai islands - Koh Samet. Reports about it Khaosod English.

The authorities of Koh Samet in the Gulf of Thailand on November 1 banned the importation of plastic bags onto its territory. According to the decision of the local government, before arriving, tourists should take absolutely all the packages out of their bags and bags. Violators of the law face a fine of 1,500 baht (about $ 50). Resident permanently on Ko Samet also obliged to use eco-friendly types of bags, for example, fabric bags and reusable paper bags. Local authorities have promised to distribute among the guests free bags and packaging made of environmentally friendly materials. Under the ban on the island announced and foam boxes with plastic containers.

About 1,500 tourists visit the Thai island daily, bringing almost 12,000 plastic bags of various sizes. This has a serious impact on the environment of the area, affecting the inhabitants of the island’s wildlife, vegetation and constantly destroying its ecosystem, the government noted.

Koh Samet Island is located in the Gulf of Thailand 85 kilometers from Pattaya. It is part of the national marine reserve Khao Lem Ya. The island is famous for its snow-white beaches, clean sea, quiet lagoons with clear water. Koh Samet is one of the favorite places of divers and lovers of a relaxing beach holiday. More often than others, ecotourism fans visit it to see beautiful forests with rich flora and fauna.

Currently, another popular island of Ko Samui is planned to ban the use of plastic straws, as well as launch a campaign for recycling. By 2021, throughout Thailand, intend to get rid of the harmful wastes imported from abroad.

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