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New Zealand imposed a penalty for refusing to show the phone at customs

05.10.2018 12:26 | views: 553

The authorities of New Zealand have obliged travelers who refuse to provide their phone for inspection to customs officers, to pay a fine of $ 5,000 local dollars (about $ 3,200).

According to the rules, which came into force this week, officials received the right to require visitors to unlock the phone for inspection. In case of refusal, the gadget can be removed and even confiscated, according to CNN.

According to the authorities of New Zealand, such an innovation is caused by necessity, since currently the prohibited information is stored and transmitted, as a rule, in electronic form.

On the other hand, local human rights activists see in the adopted law an encroachment on privacy.

“Modern smartphones contain a large amount of confidential information, including emails, messages, medical records, personal photos and very personal photos,” the New Zealand Civil Liberties Council said in a statement.

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