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New types of visas are introduced in the UAE

30.07.2014 07:12 | views: 1145

Authorities of the United Arab Emirates to introduce new types of visas. This time they are not just for tourists and travelers who come into the country just to relax and see the sights of the country.

Soon there will be in the UAE visas for students, as well as for those who are going to come into the country solely for medical services.

However, the changes will affect and tourist visas.

Since August of this year, local authorities impose for multiple entry visa for travelers. Similar introduced visa for foreign nationals who come to the UAE to work. In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates say that soon there will be new types of visas.

We are talking about the visas that will specifically draw for students. There will also be a visa for those who come to the country to take advantage of medical assistance, or visit any scientific conference.

Innovations affect and rules on visas and payment. It is noted that all of these new rules are aimed at that increase the flow of tourists to the UAE. And this will be followed and the growth of the economy, local authorities believe. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already approved changes to the cost of visas, but as the amount was not disclosed.

The Foreign Ministry promised to announce its next week. I should add that already in the first half of this year, the UAE visited by almost 22 million tourists.

Meanwhile, the number of visas issued compared to the previous year increased by thirty percent.

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