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New rules for obtaining a Schengen visa

19.03.2017 16:22 | views: 994

The date and time of filing documents to the visa centers will be assigned when paying receipts in authorized banks.

The Consulate General of Poland in Lviv has promulgated new rules for obtaining a Schengen visa. As early as April, a new registration system will be introduced to the visa reception centers in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhgorod, Vinnitsa, Khmelnytsky, Zhitomir and Chernivtsi.

To register for the visa center, from April 3, you need to pay a receipt in the "Kredobank" or "Idea Bank" and indicate the category of visa (tourist, national, small border traffic, etc.). After that, a bank employee will give a receipt with a personal code. The FPVA system will specify the date and time of submission of the documents at least 24 hours in advance, as the employee of the call center should inform you.

If the appointed date does not suit you, the automatic system will assign a different date, which the call center employee will inform. If the date of submission of documents for the second time does not suit you, then your code will be deactivated, and to return the funds you will need to apply to the APPV.

In the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, it is noted that such innovations should significantly facilitate the procedure for registering with the MPPA, because earlier a person had to register the code received after paying a bank account, now the registration will be done automatically.

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