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New carrier SkyUP Airlines

21.11.2017 14:39 | views: 991

From Ukraine, a new carrier, SkyUP Airlines, will soon begin flying. This conclusion can be made by reading the message of recruitment for the post of pilots and flight attendants, posted by the Aviation Career Center Zlitna Smuha. It also follows from the announcement that the airline intends to operate the new generation of Boeing 737 NG, which, depending on the modification, can take on board from 110 to 210 passengers and perform flights for distances up to 5-6 thousand km. It is noted that the base airport will be in Kiev (it is not specified, in Boryspil or Zhuliany).

Earlier, the press was already leaking information that a new carrier was being created in Ukraine. And it was even called who is behind him: according to media reports referring to a single state register of legal entities and natural persons, one of the beneficiaries of the airline is the CEO of Join UP! Yuri Alba, and the general director - air expert Evgeny Haynatsky, previously worked in Aerosvit and the Rose of the Winds. But they do not make official statements yet, although many are very interested in the question whether the new carrier intends to exclusively service the charter programs Join UP! or will it be open for cooperation with other travel companies? Observers note that until there are more specifics in the form of the start date of flights, the grid of flight routes and the number of boards in the fleet, it is premature to draw any conclusions.

"Most likely, first of all flights will still load Join UP! And others will offer the remaining seats - in this situation, the tour operator will be able to fill its quota at cost, and not buy blocks of seats at a more expensive price from other airlines," - suggests the general director Mouzenidis Travel Ukraine Victor Marchenko.

Another interlocutor notes that the appearance of the Join UP! and SkyUP is a natural step in the expansion and optimization of business processes. Moreover, there are already examples: Anex Tour has Azur Air, and Mouzenidis Travel has Ellinair.

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