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27.12.2017 08:42 | views: 906

Christmas 2018 will come to our homes on Christmas Eve (Holy Fire), January 6. On this day, according to tradition, they do not have breakfast or lunch - this is the last day of the 40-day Christmas fasting. And in the evening they gather at the family table, with a first star to start a festive dinner of 12 dishes.

However, Christmas Eve does not need to be at home. Many ethnographic complexes and ethnic restaurants prepare for this evening special festive programs in accordance with folk traditions and rituals.

So, the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life "Pirogovo" annually on January 7, after the Christmas service at the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, celebrates the Feast of the Nativity. The action begins with a greeting of the guests and participants at the church of St. Paraskeva, after which the participants with carols and shchedriks pass through the exposition of the museum. Visitors are invited to join the den and ritual of driving Goats. Ticket price: 40 UAH.

On Christmas holidays invites from 6 to 8 January the largest historical and entertainment complex "Park Kievan Rus" (Obukhov district, Kopachov village). A rich program is being prepared with the performance of the horse-trick theater, the attraction of pyrotechnics and special effects. Fairy-tale heroes will play a real den, and everyone will also be able to guess for the future, because at Christmas all fortune-telling comes true. Only here, in Ancient Kiev, you will hear the ancient language of our ancestors - the times of Kievan Rus. You are expected not only kutya and delicious Uzvar, but also sausages and shish kebabs cooked on the open fire, hot drinks, mulled wine and many other dishes. People will be treated with mead and hrenovuhoy, and children with sweets from Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, St. Nicholas and angels. And of course it will be possible to warm up in a tavern, in incendiary dances and flash mobs, around fires around the territory. Christmas festivities will be held within the show program "New Year's Tale", which lasts from December 16 to January 14. Minibuses go from st.m. "Vydubychi." Ticket price: for adults - 150 UAH, for pensioners and students - 100 UAH., For schoolchildren - 50 UAH., Preschoolers - for free. When pre-purchase discounts apply. Accommodation for Christmas from 200 UAH.

In most Orthodox churches in Ukraine on the night of 6 to 7 January will be Christmas services. And starting from January 7 in Ukraine Christmas festivities will begin.

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