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Named the worlds best places for diving enthusiasts

28.11.2018 17:46 | views: 610

Based on feedback from tour operators and divers, the experts of Dive Magazine have chosen the winners of the annual prestigious DIVE Travel Awards 2018. This was reported on the official website of the publication.

The best country for diving in the world is called, like a year ago, Indonesia. She has a huge number of impressive sites for immersion. Specialists especially identified the Raja Ampat Islands with stunning reefs and rich marine life. Another excellent place is Sulawesi Island, namely the Bunaken and Lembe Straits and the southeast resort of Wakatobi. The tiny island of Gili Trawangan is also among the recommendations.

The second place went to the Philippines. The best places for diving are the National Marine Park of Tubbatakh, the place of Anilao and the island of Apo, which is a tiny marine home for colorful fish and corals. Closes the top three Egypt. In the Egyptian Red Sea, there are more than 400 registered species of coral, several hundred species of fish, stunning reefs, dramatic walls and a very developed industry for diving. The attention of divers deserve the Ras Mohammed National Park, the Brothers Island and the Reefs of St. John's.

The top 10 dive sites also include the Maldives, the Solomon Islands in the South-West Pacific, Papua New Guinea, the Galapagos Islands, Australia, the Palau Island State in Micronesia and Fiji.

Awards DIVE Travel Awards 2018 also received the best resorts for diving. These included the boutique Siladen Resort & Spa dive resort on the island of Pulau Siladien in Indonesia, the Indonesian resorts Bunaken Oasis and Ceningan Divers. Interestingly, 8 of the top 10 dive resorts are located in Indonesia. This company was diluted by the Elite Diving resort in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt and the Uepi Island resort hotel in the Solomon Islands.

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