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London police are preparing souvenirs for tourists

16.11.2018 16:38 | views: 549

London police intend to begin production of goods with the logo of Scotland Yard. An example for London policemen will be the experience of colleagues from New York - NYPD products have been sold in the US for over 15 years and are always popular with tourists.

According to the BBC, it is planned to release clothing, toys and games, stationery, household items and souvenirs. It is expected that this step will help improve the image of the London police and will bring a decent income. According to preliminary calculations, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, which Scotland Yard will receive from the sale of goods with its logo.

The representative of the advertising agency The Point 1888, with which Scotland Yard has already signed a contract, notes that among the goods with the logo there will be no imitation of a police uniform or other items that will allow someone to impersonate a cop, however, baseball caps, sweatshirts, circles and trinkets will be readily acquired by numerous tourists.

Source: BBC News

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