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List of European Cultural Heritage

07.12.2017 19:40 | views: 896

The European Commission has updated the list of European cultural heritage. This year, it included 9 more historical sites and documents related to the emergence of modern Europe.

According to the publication "Europulse", the list includes several places that are interesting for tourists. For example, the sign of the European cultural heritage was awarded to the "Musical Trail" in Leipzig. This is a 5 km route in the center of the city, combining places associated with famous composers - Bach, Mendelssohn, Wagner, Schumann and others. Also included in the list is the largest synagogue in Europe - the Great Synagogue on Dohan Street in Budapest, the ancient fort di Cadin in the Italian Trento, the Javoortz Church in the Slovenian mountains, built by soldiers of various armies during the First World War, Sighet Prison - memorial of victims of communist repression in Romania, the former concentration camp Natsweiler-Struthof and associated camps in France and Germany, a museum in the former coal mine of Bois du Cazier in Belgium, dedicated to the greatest catastrophe in the history of the country's mining and history of the industry region.

In addition, the European cultural heritage mark was awarded to the Luxembourg village of Shengen, where in 1985 an agreement was signed to simplify passport and visa control, and the Maastricht Treaty, which legally formalized the EU in 1992.

The European cultural heritage is marked by buildings, museums, archives, monuments, documents or events, which are regarded as milestones in the creation of modern Europe. Until now, the list included 38 objects.

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