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Kite Festival near Nikolayev

18.05.2017 18:47 | views: 1215

May 21 as part of the Tryhutty International Kite Festival 2017 in Mykolaiv region for the first time the Kite Festival

On a large field in the village of Trikhaty near Nikolaev, an enchanting festival in the colorful national style - Tryhutty International Kite Festival 2017 will unfold. Dozens of kites will simultaneously fly to the sky in the most beautiful place on the shore of the Southern Bug.

There will be a concert and entertainment program with the participation of star groups and talented groups of singing and dancing, games, contests, handmade fair and national cuisine, multi-colored art objects, tantamareski, evening launch of air lanterns and much more.

The founder of the Association of Kites Alexey Zverik together with experts of international level from other countries and professional teachers present a master class on the creation of kites for each person wishing to join the basics of zmeanautics.

During the event, the winners of the contest of the best amateur kite, made by Kite Wings 2017, will be announced.

The beginning is at 10:00.

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