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Kiev is recognized as the cheapest city for tourists

12.01.2018 20:54 | views: 887

The capital of Ukraine topped the rating of the cities of the world for the most economical trip of 2018.

The rating "100 places of the world for the travel of 2018: from the most expensive to the cheapest" was the British travel company Hoppa. The list includes cities and amounts that tourists use there on average per day.

As calculated by the compilers of the rating, in Kiev for rental housing, three meals a day, various drinks and excursions - the traveler will have to pay an average of 65 pounds (about 2500 hryvnia) per day.

In the top five most budgetary except for Kiev included:

Cairo, Egypt - 79 pounds sterling,

Siem Reap, Cambodia - £ 79

Manila, Philippines - £ 70

Antalya, Turkey - £ 70

The rating was made taking into account several indicators, the most important of which were the cost of housing, lunch in a restaurant and in a budget snack bar.

So, eating in Kiev turned out to be cheaper than all of the declared hundred cities. At that time, as for the cost of housing, the city took the 5th line among the economy-options. So, to rent an apartment in Kiev, according to the agency, costs about 42 pounds sterling per day (about 1600 UAH).

At the cost of housing cheaper than Kiev were: Denpasar (Indonesia), Antalya (Turkey), Phuket (Thailand) and Jakarta (Indonesia).

At the same time, the most expensive city for the journey of 2018 is New York, USA. To rest here, tourists spend about 346 pounds a day, which is more than 13 thousand hryvnia.


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