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International Tourism Exhibition TOURBUSINESS

15.09.2016 07:06 | views: 999

We invite you to take part in the 23rd International Tourism Exhibition "TOURBUSINESS - 2016", which will be held in Minsk from 28 to 30 September 2016 at the address: Minsk, ul.Ya.Kupaly, 27.

The exhibition was organized by the National Exhibition Center "BELEXPO" Office of the President of the Republic of Belarus together with the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus

Subjects of the exhibition:

inbound-outbound tourism

tour operators, travel agents

Sports and Adventure

recreational tourism

medical tourism

family and children's tourism

hunting tourism

transport companies

Equipment of travel agencies, hotels

sports and camping equipment and machinery

sports and travel clothing

preparation of tourist staff

Insurance and safety in tourism

cartographic and souvenir production

In 23 minutes time the exhibition "TOURBUSINESS" will become a meeting place for business people working in the sphere of tourist services.

For 22 years there was a part of the permanent members, representing the largest travel companies in our country and abroad, but with each year their number increased, expanding the range of countries offering tourist products on the Belarusian market. In 2015, it was attended by 80 companies from 10 countries of the world.

Participating in the exhibition, you will be able to advertise tourist routes, new tours, meetings with old partners, establish new business contacts.

The exhibition program includes presentations, round tables and seminars on the most topical issues of the tourism industry

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