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Increase the tax on the stay of tourists in France

03.07.2014 07:38 | views: 1184

French parliament approved a tax increase on the stay of tourists in hotels 500 percent. Despite this, the country's Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius harshly criticized the initiative, according to Financial Times. Under the bill, per stay tourist will have to pay at once instead of 1.5 8 euros per night. According Fibiusa, such an initiative is "very dangerous and completely contrary to the principle of development of tourism", which plays an important role in creating jobs. In addition, members of the French parliament voted in favor of the additional tax, which is set at two euros per night. He will be charged with the tourists who stayed in Paris. President of the National Union of hospitality Roland Egi also opposed the decision as "fast and controversial decisions." "The creation of two new taxes in less than 24 hours, without consistency or consultation with industry is completely irresponsible," - he said. France is traditionally one of the most popular of destinations and Paris recognized the most popular tourist city in the world. So, last year the French capital was visited by about 15.5 million people. This number is 8.2 percent more than in 2012.

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