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In Dubai new measures are being introduced

22.08.2018 17:13 | views: 580

In Dubai, new measures are introduced to prevent crimes against tourists. The authorities will increase the number of policemen guarding the entrances and exits of banks.

Police in Dubai conducted a thorough analysis of the crimes in Dubai, as a result of which residents and tourists lost their money. Based on the data received, a new crime prevention company was launched.

As the director of the Criminal Investigation Department Salem Al Rumayti said, the new measures are mainly aimed at protecting the clients of local banks. They are most often victims of robbers. Often citizens move with large amounts over long distances, and also count the money directly on the street.

As part of the new law enforcement campaign, it is planned to significantly increase the number of policemen next to banks, as well as in areas where a large number of banking institutions and money transfer offices are located.

Along with this, police officers will become more near gas stations and grocery stores. This is done to prevent looting, which occurs when drivers leave to pay gasoline and leave cars open.

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