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How will celebrate Independence Day in Kiev

21.08.2016 18:32 | views: 912

It became known to the program of events in Kiev to the Flag Day and Independence Day of Ukraine. The corresponding decree was signed by the mayor of Kiev

The first celebration had already begun on August 13 with the opening of the chess festival. Celebrate Flag Day and Independence Day in Kyiv will be until September.

For celebrations administration will block some of the central streets of the streets of Podil: Khreshchatyk, Big Zhitomir, Reyterskaya, Naberezhnye Khreschatytska and others.

August 19

August 19 - September 18 - Exhibition of Flowers "Your pride, Ukraine" in the Pechersk Landscape Park.

August 20th

20 - August 28 - Independence Day in the Postal.

August 21

August 21 - 27 - Presentation of the largest flag of Ukraine Flower in the National Museum of Architecture and Life (Pirogovo) with registration in the "Ukrainian Book of Records."

August 23

August 23 - Ukrainian flag raising ceremony at the Sofia Square at 09:00.

August 23 - 24 - performance artists and musicians, exhibition of photographs ATO heroes, as well as song flashmob at the Sofia area.

23 - August 28 - the projection on the facades of buildings House of Trade Unions, the National Philharmonic, Opera House, National University Red housing them. Taras Shevchenko, the bells of St. Sophia Cathedral and Mihailovskogo.

24 August

10.00 - Parade of troops to the 25 anniversary of Independence of Ukraine on the street. Khreshchatyk.

11.00 - 22.00 - Cultural and artistic project "Holiday at the fountains" near the canal Rusanovskoye (opposite the street of Enthusiasts.).

Mileage from embroidered on Rusanovskoye waterfront.

Festival kobzars and bandura players on Mihailovskoy area.

Meeting with participants Igor XXXI Olympiad in 2016.

Flashmob "Young Country" on Khreshchatyk.

Celebratory concert to the Independence Day in the "Kiev Fortress" National Historical and Architectural Museum.

August 27th

20.00 - charity concert Djazz Radioband Alex Fokin on "Summer Stage" City Garden in Central Park of Culture and Recreation.

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