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How many times have Ukrainians used the visa-free regime with the EU

13.06.2018 15:47 | views: 743

For a year since the introduction of the visa-free regime with the EU, citizens of Ukraine have used the simplified regime of crossing the border with the use of a biometric passport without a glued visa more than 555,000 times, the State Border Service of Ukraine reported.

In total, since June 11, 2017, when the visa-free regime was introduced, Ukrainian citizens traveled to the EU countries 20.3 million times, including 4.8 million times using biometric passports, but with visas pasted into them.

Most often, Ukrainians sent biometric passports without a visa to the EU by road - this way the border crossed 357,000 times (65%).

According to the simplified procedure, the citizens of Ukraine crossed the border with Romania 135 thousand times (24%), with Poland - 118 thousand times (22%), with Hungary - 67 thousand times (12%), with Slovakia - 37 thousand times 7%).

The airplane traveled to Europe within the framework of visa-free travel, Ukrainians used 198 thousand times, which accounted for 35% of the total number of trips with biometric passports without a glued visa.

The Ukrainian border crossed the sea border only 41 times - 0.07% of the total number of travelers with biometric passports without a glued visa.

Visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens was introduced from June 11, 2017. It allows holders of Ukrainian biometric passports to visit without visa 22 EU states that are members of the Schengen zone (Austria, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia Hungary, Finland, France, the Czech Republic and Sweden), four EU states that are not members of the Schengen (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania and Croatia), as well as four non-EU states that are parties to the Schengen Agreement (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland).

At the border, border officials of the above states can ask for return tickets, insurance and financial security. A similar procedure was applied during the visa regime, which could lead to the deportation of citizens even if they did not have the necessary documents or money.

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