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Hotels in Spain are forced to cut prices

06.08.2018 15:38 | views: 656

Hotels of Ispania have to reduce prices for package tours, as returnees to European markets Tunisia and Turkey "win" customers - the number of tourists in Spain for the first time begins to decline after five record years. At the same time, the average hotels in Spain increased prices by 21.4% compared to the period of 2013-2017.

But this year, Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt are experiencing a revival of the tourist flow and "compete for German and British tourists with a cheap all-inclusive" - ​​say the Spanish hoteliers. "We saw a drop in demand this summer, mainly due to the return of competitors' markets such as Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia, which offer significantly cheaper packages than the Balearic Islands," said Alvaro Pacheco, representative of the Spanish family hotel group Barcelo. At the same time, he said, in the Balearic Islands, "medium-sized" hotels suffer more than high-class hotels. In the network itself Barcelo reduced prices by about 15% to stimulate demand.

However, according to a study conducted by the division of the tourism department of Mabrian Technologies, hotels in Spain are compelled to compete with offers of Turkish resorts, which are 73% cheaper than in the Balearic Islands. At the same time, the strongest struggle is for "packaged" customers.

On average, for example, in Ibiza, hotels are reducing prices between 10 and 20% - said Antonio Torres of the tourist office Descubre Ibiza in a telephone interview with Reuters. In addition to youth, suffered and family tourism, in general - August in Spain "is sold poorly." The number of tourists visiting Spain has grown by only 1.8 percent from January to June this year, compared to double-digit growth recorded in the first half of 2017 and 2016

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