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Greece banks opened, tourists go

24.07.2015 16:40 | views: 1049

In Greece ended bank holiday, which lasted nearly three weeks since June 29.

Although a number of restrictions, such as cash withdrawals for local residents 60 euros per day is saved.

Monday, July 20, started the application of new tax rates. Up to 23% increase of VAT on public transport and taxis, 23% will deduct the treasury owners of cafes, restaurants, cafes and other food outlets. It is expected that tax increases will cause rising prices for products and services by an average of 9%.

At the same time, the tax base for hotels frozen by 6.5% until the end of the tourist season, ie until October. - No fee from tourists, we do not take, - says CEO of one of the tour operators. - Increasing the VAT on that whatsoever on the mass tourist will not change. I have a contract in the middle of the season, no one will, therefore, group transfers do not rise, but the individual services may become more expensive. The cost of trips, I think, too, will not increase, as in this segment is very competitive. I do not think that food prices will rise immediately and sharply, most likely, the price will rise gradually, just like it happens here in a period of inflation. Should I take more money? Always worth it, but not because prices have increased, and to spend more.

Experts say that the forecast cost of holidays in Greece in the next season is not yet possible. All will determine the supply and demand, and if demand is high, prices will rise. And this season, as noted turprofi interest to Greece by European tourists increased significantly.

A week ago, Greece was on the verge of default and exit from the European Union, but at the moment the government is still negotiating with the EU on the settlement of the debt by more than 240 billion euros.

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