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Google has told, where this summer Ukrainians will go

07.06.2018 19:35 | views: 720

The most popular in search queries are Bali and Thailand

In Google, analyzed the activity of Ukrainians and their search requests "rest in ... / vidpochinok in ...". The study covered the last three months. As a result of the work done, it became clear that Ukrainians prefer foreign trips.

The most popular destinations for Ukrainians in the last three months are countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, Georgia and Bali. The second five countries are: Cyprus, Greece, Tunisia, Croatia, Thailand. There are two new directions in these lists, which Ukrainians became interested only in 2018 - Bali (Indonesia) and Thailand, according to the League of Business.

Along with foreign resorts from the field of view of our fellow citizens do not fall and the domestic coast of the Black and Azov Seas. Therefore, in the rating were: Zatoka, Berdyansk, Odessa, Carpathians, Kirillovka, Crimea, Genichesk, Skadovsk, Schastlivtsevo, Iron Port.

Recall that previously reported that tour operators also placed priorities in the tourist destinations of Ukrainians for short weekend of May holidays. So in the opinion of tour agencies, citizens of Ukraine choose Turkey, Tunisia, Vietnam and China.

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