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France the most popular tourist destination in the world

20.01.2018 09:57 | views: 811

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) released the Tourism Highlights of 2017, which lists ten of the world's most popular tourist destinations.

On the first place in this list was France, which received 82.6 million tourists in 2016 (data for 2017 will be presented in the next similar report, which will be published in early 2019). The second and third place in the rating of popularity was shared by Spain and the United States, to which 75.6 million visitors came. At the same time, according to Interfax, the growth of the tourist flow to Spain for the year amounted to 10.3%, while the tourist flow in the US fell by 2.4%.

China, which was visited by 59.3 million tourists, was on the fourth line of the rating. The fifth place went to Italy with 50.7 million guests in 2016, and the sixth - the UK (35.8 million tourists). The list also included Germany, Mexico, Thailand and Turkey.

Travel expenses in 2016 were the largest in the US - travelers have replenished the treasury of the country for $ 205.9 billion. In other countries, tourists spent significantly less: in Spain this figure was $ 60.3 billion, in Thailand - $ 49.9 billion, in China - $ 44.4 billion, in France - $ 42.5 billion.

Source: Interfax

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