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Festival of the whale shark

11.07.2014 12:32 | views: 1297

On the popular tourist island woman in Mexico Festival held whale shark. It will be held from 24 to 27 July.

Mexican state of Quintana Roo will Festival for the seventh time. During the event, participants will be able not only to see the representatives of the largest species of sharks, but also attend seminars on the topic of their features.

In addition guests can enjoy trips to the sea, masquerades, concerts, parades, dance shows and competitions. A special program will be organized for children.

The festival aims to draw attention to the importance of protecting the marine ecosystem.

Island women in Mexico is on the migration path of whale sharks. It is here from May to September, they appear more often. They can be seen right off the coast. And although the length of the whale sharks can reach 15 meters, and the whole - 12 tonnes for the person they are not dangerous, since only feed on plankton.

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