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Fans will be able to cruise to go on a journey

08.10.2016 16:37 | views: 889

If you have left 100,000 pounds and a year of free time, you can spend them travel around the world, conceived Mundy Cruising. Travelling long 357 days, tourists will visit all the major attractions of the 7 continents.

According to The Telegraph, travel will be made to the courts of Le Soleil, 264 passengers and Maasdam, which holds 1,258 passengers.

Tourists visit Machu Picchu, the Nazca Valley, Rio de Janeiro, Patagonia, Athens, St. Petersburg and Greenland, Iceland and Alaska, Costa Rica. Reach the Panama Canal to the Pacific Ocean, and will visit the Great Barrier Reef, Dubai, Cape Town, Madagascar and the Maldives, the Seychelles and in Antarctica.

Cruise will not go non-stop. Between travel, tourists will have the opportunity to return home, wash clothes and pack their bags again.

The journey will begin January 10, 2017. Passengers will travel around South America. The next step will be the May Athens, and travel around the Mediterranean, the Baltic and the North Atlantic.

August 30 cruise back to America, and the tourists will make a cruise to Alaska and Costa Rica, beating the seas all of North America.

October 21 will start the cruise in the South Seas - Australia, Bali and Komodo.

In December, the tourists will travel on the Indian Ocean, and in January - a trip to Antarctica.

The final stage of the journey will begin March 19 and will be held in the Far East.

Cruises will last from 13 to 39 days, and will be performed on different courts. cruise price will be 125 000 pounds per person, including flights in business class.

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