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EU demand to tighten border controls

07.10.2014 14:22 | views: 1030

Eight European Union countries were in favor of tightening border controls in Europe. This is with reference to the confidential document the British newspaper Daily Telegraph.

According to the publication, the revitalization of border controls in Europe will be submitted for consideration by the Ministers of Internal Affairs of the EU, which will take place next week. Eight countries in the Union (United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands) in favor of border controls in the EU.

Fears of European officials associated with returning to the Old World from Syria and Iraq jihadists-Europeans. According to European authorities, about 3,000 "foreign fighters" can move freely within the EU, thanks to freedom of movement. Rules allow them to return to Europe without going through border checks.

"To commit terrorist acts in the European Union to these people - a matter of time. Government in terror "- Daily Telegraph said on condition of anonymity, a European diplomat, commenting on six-page document, which suggests stricter checks.

"Due to the lack of checks for citizens of the European countries, the lack of long-term storage the list of passengers on intra-EU flights became a place where potential terrorists disappear from view" - the diplomat added.

As we found out the publication, proposals that will be discussed include the resumption of spot checks at the borders, and in the long term - the processing of cross-border rules in the Schengen area, including the verification of the documents, even for EU citizens.

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