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Eiffel Tower - soon no queues

25.01.2017 11:44 | views: 1088

Many kilometers of queue, the main problem of the Eiffel Tower, are soon to become part of the story - that assures the Office of Tourism of Paris. On the eve of the competition for the right to host the Olympics in 2024 and World Expo - 2025 French capital authorities are trying to make the city the most convenient for tourists and thus increase the chances of winning in Paris.

To fight the queues is planned to allocate about 20 million EUR, which will be spent on improving the system of access to high-rise tower. Currently, tourists queue up primarily to climb to the observation deck structures and views of Paris from the bird's-eye view. Those who are willing to settle for the first tier at an altitude of 150 meters, is not experiencing any difficulties.

It is noted that part of the allocated funds will be used as the painting of the tower. Recall, the main Parisian Beauty "consumes" about 60 tons of paint special patented color "brown Eiffel".

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