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03.05.2019 10:17 | views: 728

Tourism in Egypt is being revived, as scuba divers increasingly come to see the tender pink jellyfish and admire the corals in the serene turquoise waters off the Red Sea coast, but such an influx of travelers threatens a fragile marine ecosystem.

The Red Sea is one of the best places for scuba diving, but Egypt’s tourism sector has been affected by the security wave for most of this decade, before the partial recovery began in 2017. Diving instructor in the city of Hurghada, one of the best resorts, warned that the human factor brings danger to the coral. In some areas they disappeared, although in others they are restored.

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) claims that coral reefs are among the most beautiful, biologically diverse ecosystems in the world. These resources are described as vital for maintaining food supplies and protecting the coastline of low-lying island states. Along the promenade in the city of Hurghada, bazaars and resorts offer unbeatable prices to attract budget travelers from Europe to the country. According to UNEP estimates, about 20 percent of the coral reefs in the world have been destroyed, and another 60 percent are threatened by climate change, over-fishing and tourism.

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